Friday, April 24, 2009


We have been featured! The lovely folks at has included our Love Notes card set in their great selection of postcards. Check out the "Sweet Post" entry in their blog! So awesome!

If you've have time, I highly recommend that you browse thru the site. It's really fresh and informative. They also have cute advertising options wherein you buy a "block" to showcase your item. Very clever! I really found their collection of sites in their "Where To Sell" section really helpful too! The site is still young but do check it out!

Thank you again! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Tote!

After my Earth Day post, I hope that I've inspired people to say "NO to plastic and "YES" to tote bags. But if not, here's a little incentive for you folks... A FREE lunch tote! Thanks to Whole Foods and Oprah Winfrey, we can get a lunch tote for free! No purchase necessary but hurry as this is only valid until April 26, 2008, while supplies lasts. Click here for the coupon.

This cute lunch tote is designed by Sheryl Crow and it's made of 80% post-recycled P.E.T. bottles. It's definitely a cool way to carry your lunch or snack but you can definitely use it to carry other items too! I have one and I love it! You can reuse it over and over so it's better for the environment too! I firmly believe that if we just do our part, no matter how small or simple, we can definitely help save our planet. Please... Say "NO" to plastic and "YES" to tote bags today.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and I spent most of my morning refreshing the Aveeno page to get the free Envirosax tote bag. I was undoubtedly one of the first 1000 people to go to the page when it went live because I refreshed just the right time to witness it. (Yes, I was refreshing *that* much because being the tote bag junkie that I am, I had to have that bag). The page was very buggy and it had tons of Java errors. I tried a couple more times (a few more hours actually), but the bugs were still there. In the end, I did not get one. Boo! :(

I've become environmentally conscious almost a year ago when I got my Method "Plastic Bag Rehab" tote bag. I thought it was really cute and clever that from that day on, I vowed never to use plastic bag ever again. I've collected tons of other tote bags since then and I have a shoe box full in the backseat of my car, ready for use anytime! I also carry 2 in my purse for those "you'll never know" moments. I use them to carry groceries, craft supplies, clothes, books, anything!

In our house, plastic bags multiply like bunnies. Next thing you know, you've got a gazillion in your stash. We avoid plastic bags as much as possible but in instances that we do get the occassional plastic bag, we make sure that we reuse them by using them as trash bin liners. We also bring the excess plastic bags to our local grocery store since they offer to recycle them for free.

Using tote bags is definitely one easy change that we can all get into and actually stick to that will help the environment. Who wants to carry those icky plastic bags anyway when you can carry your goods around in a really cute tote?

Come join me and say "NO" to plastic and "YES" to tote bags!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Craftease Feature!

The lovely Amy of Craftease has featured our humble little shop in her awesome blog! Please drop on by and *squee* along with us. You know you want to! :)

Thank you again, Amy, for the kind words and the awesome feature! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'll be participating in a craft show soon and I decided to paint wooden trays to use as displays. I've been painting and varnishing them for a couple of nights now. I find it so soothing. I just let my mind wander as I brush (sometimes slather) paint and varnish on. Of course, the final product is not as pretty as the ones you would buy in a store but I'm quite happy with it. They turned out nice. Kind of shabby chic. I cannot wait to use them and I really hope that the craft fair will be a success! I plan to brainstorm the layout for my table next week when I've got everything in order. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! If you're in the area, please do drop by and say "Hi!". :)