Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blah blah black sheep.

I was having a rather blah day when the DHL truck drove by. I stood there, peeping outside our window, wondering if the DHL truck was going to stop in front of our house. (I do the same thing too when the postal truck comes. Heh!). It was an intense 10 seconds or so as the DHL truck drove past our house, only to back up a few meters. Such suspense! But at last! The DHL guy emerges from the parking lot, with a little brown box cradled in his arms. Finally! My other DHL package has arrived! Hurray! Now, I'm one step closer to opening my shop!


w said...

i never peep outside my window.

i use the peep hole. which isn't the best thing. because things are closer than they actually appear. so i hear the door knock before i see it happen.


Teresa said...

Hahaha! That's so funny! Our peep hole doesn't have the best panorama. I only use the peep hole to "pretend" I didn't know who it was knocking on the door after looking outside the window already. Didn't want to make the DHL guy think I was too excited. Hehe! :)