Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was just blog surfing when I came across the Lemon Drop Studio blog. In one of the entries, Shauna mentioned a swap she was participating in on Swap-bot. Swap-bot?!? It sounded like a lot of fun! Plus, the name already sounded cute! I must check this out! *ninja* I am still perusing thru the swap listings but I just wanted to share that bit of really cool information I picked up today! If you *heart* receiving mail like I do, check it out and start swapping! Happy weekend!


Shauna said...

so happy to meet you!! Thanks for the link to my blog - I appreciate it. I love your etsy shop!!

Best to you!!

PS: You should sign up for swap-bot- pretty fun!!

Teresa said...

You're welcome, Shauna! I think I'll be signing up on Swap-bot! It's too fun to resist! :)

Helen said...

this looks like fun- I think I'm going to sign up too!
oh and thanks for your nice comments on my blog Teresa:-)

Teresa said...

You're welcome, Helen! :)