Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just like a ninja.

Guess what finally showed up at my front door this rainy afternoon? My DHL package! I came to find out about the arrival of my package via the tracking page. (I could not resist myself). It said on the status that it was delivered which confused me for a while since I never heard anyone knock on the door. I immediately ran to the door to see if the DHL guy left it on our doormat, nothing. I looked at our door to check if he left a note, nothing as well. I was ready to accept another day of defeat when there it was. Nestled on the corner was my little brown package, like a shy baby squirrel hiding. I must say, that DHL guy is really sneaky! He didn't knock, leave a note, or anything! Just like a ninja. Or a stork maybe? Hmmm... Thank you for your delivery anyway!

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